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Austria and in particular Vienna is known for its rich and varied cuisine. When Vienna was still the capital of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the most varied culinary influences were to be found here. Austrian, Bohemian, Hungarian and a great many other influences have contributed to giving Viennese cooking a most varied repertoire. The numerous foreign restaurants as well mean that guests in Vienna can find the right restaurant for any taste.

The Hotel Boltzmann is managed as a bed & breakfast hotel. At our hotel you enjoy the greatest degree of flexibility. After a satisfying breakfast, you start off your day relaxed and ready to go. Depending on your mood and your preferences you can visit one of the many different restaurants in our neighbourhood. As a leisure or business traveller you are thus independent of meal times and can make the most of your stay in Vienna.

In the immediate surroundings of the Hotel Boltzmann one can find numerous recommended eating houses and restaurants from the typical Viennese "Beisel" [tavern] right up to international gourmet cuisine. Due to our own personal experience and our guests positive feedback we recommend the following establishments in particular:

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Viennese Beisl (typical pubs)

This type of restaurant can be compared with an Italian tavern or an English pub. It is very casual, with good, solid Austrian food & drink at reasonable prices. The waiter is local, as are the customers. Very often you will find a "Stammtisch" with the most regular guests playing cards and talking politics – something they would be doing every evening. Please note that not all of these "Beisls" have non smoking areas.

Viennese restaurants

This is the more sophisticated place to enjoy Austrian food & drink, with a higher service level, a finer choice of wine and food, and also more expensive than the "Beisl" category.

Viennese "Heurigen" (typical wine bars)

The "Heurigen" is a typical wine tavern and was originally run by the farmer himself. He only offered wine from his own vineyard and also a small choice of cold food. Nowadays you get the full menu of warm and cold dishes, typically to be chosen by yourself from a buffet, and if you are lucky enough a nice table in a green yard or garden accompanied by musicians playing the fiddle and singing traditional Viennese "Schrammel Musik".

Viennese coffee houses

Our "Cafés" offering pastries, cake and other delicacies are famous all over the world. They used to be the prolonged living room for many famous writers and musicians in the 19th and 20th century, and are still popular with the young and the old. You can also have a small meal or snack in a coffeehouse.

Viennese confectioners

A slight variation of the coffeehouse, concentrating on the art of pastries and petits fours, but no meals served. Famous also for their extraordinary window-decoration.


Italian food is popular in Vienna, too. No question that there is a great choice of pizzerias (no pan pizza, but the traditional thin pizza pastry!!) all over the town.

Mediterranean restaurants

If you are looking for a wider choice of Southern European food, these places might suit you better. Fish and meat dishes, pasta, salads and everything else, that you would want to eat during a mediterranean holiday.

Asian/Oriental restaurants

The Asian style of food becoming popular all over the world also made a great impact on the Viennese food market. If you love chop sticks or simply enjoy the different herbs and spices, look out for one of the following places:

  • Ethiopian restaurant (NEW! -no Home Page yet)
  • Persian Restaurant Hatam 
  • Culinarium 
  • Goldener Drache Visit website
  • Chinesische Mauer 

Organic whole-food restaurants

As everybody wonders more and more which ingredients are in our food, how farmers feed and raise their stock organic and whole-food have become more the simple slogans. These restaurants are very aware of the origin of the products they use:

  • Bio-Restaurant Spitalgasse 
  • Regenbogen-Stube 
  • Banyan 

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