Vienna - an international business centre

As the gateway to Eastern Europe and the CEE countries, Vienna has been playing an important role for a long time.

The office of the United Nations in Vienna (UNOV) houses one of the four official seats of the United Nations (UNO). Other important international organisations with main offices in Vienna are the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the International Atomic Energy Organisation (IAEO). The IAEO is also housed in the Vienna International Centre (VIC) building complex, commonly known as UNO City.

Indeed, many international congresses, company conferences, reward trips and business trips in general contribute to Vienna's success as a tourist destination.

In 2009, Vienna with 160 international conferences, was for the fifth time in a row, the world's favourite international destination for congresses followed by Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Singapore.

Hotel Boltzmann next door to your meeting place

Both on foot and using public transport you can very quickly reach practically any of the venues for conferences and congresses:

Details of interest on Vienna

Vienna is the Federal Capital of the Republic of Austria and at the same time is one of the nine Austrian Federal States. With some 1.7 million inhabitants, it is the most populated metropolitan area of the Republic; about one quarter of all Austrians live in the Greater Vienna area, around 2.4 million people. In relation to its number of inhabitants, Vienna is the European Union's tenth largest city.

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